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I Am Loki. by DragonTygress I Am Loki. by DragonTygress
You will all fall before me.
Loki in all his pompous glory.
Text arranged in his portrait, using some of his quotes from The Avengers, though one or two are shortened.

"[I am] burdened with glorious purpose"
"Rightful king [of Asgard]"
"You were made to be ruled"
"I am a god"
"Freedom is [life's great, replaced by 'a'] lie"
"I have an army"
"I am Loki"

Okay, well, looks more like three or four. Whatever.
He has way more interesting lines than in Thor lol

I'll be here all week folks, churning out spontaneous Loki art every day or two. And I would apologize to my poor watchers for the spam but I'm really not sorry at all. |D

Also I finished this like 22 hours ago but haven't had time to submit it until now.
I woke up an hour early for this, so you all better feel special.

This was a lot of fun to make, actually, and not nearly as hard as I'd thought it'd be. I might possibly do more in the future. (I actually made a traditionally-drawn-and-colored one for an OC last year, though this one looks waaay better xD)

What's really strange is that while working on this I had a moment of disgust for the character... Why do I like him anyway? He's such an awful person.
But I dismissed it and it wore off pretty quickly.

<-- this one turned black for some reason. If so just enjoy the thumbnail OTL

Made in Photoshop Elements 8.
Loki Laufeyson belongs to Marvel.
Art is mine.

EDIT: Okay. Wow. Front page. This is absolutely overwhelming for me, because I'm practically unknown in the artist community and rarely get more than a handful of comments per piece. So I'm just saying Thank you! in advance to everyone that faves and comments, and I'll do my best to read and reply to everything everyone says.
Okay, comments are disabled because I no longer want feedback on this piece. Sorry. ^^

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January 30, 2013
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